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Elimination of the "imprinting effect" of the lightweight aspheric polished by CCAL technology using immersed inflation 会议论文
, 2012
Authors:  Zhong, Xianyun;  Xu, Qinglan;  Fan, Bin;  Zhou, Jiabin;  Zhong, X.
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Dwell time calculation for computer-controlled large-tool 会议论文
, 2012
Authors:  Fan, Bin;  James, H.Burge;  Buddy, Martin;  Zeng, Zhige;  Li, Xiaojin;  Zhou, Jiabin;  Fan, B. (
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φ1.8m轻质镜能动磨盘技术抛光的柔性限位支撑设计仿真与优化分析 期刊论文
光学学报, 2012, 卷号: 32, 期号: 3, 页码: 203-208
Authors:  钟显云;  范斌;  曾志革;  周家斌
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光学制造  柔性限位支撑  能动磨盘  轻质镜  有限元  
Grinding and Polishing technology by Computer Controlled Active Lap for Phi 1250mmF/1.5 Aspheric Mirror 会议论文
, 2010
Authors:  Fan Bin;  Zeng Zhige;  Li Xiaojin;  Chen Qiang;  Gao Pingqi;  Zhou Jiabin;  Wan Yongjian
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