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作者: 何永丰
学位类别: 硕士
答辩日期: 2009-06-04
授予单位: 中国科学院光电技术研究所
授予地点: 光电技术研究所
导师: 任戈
关键词: 自动对焦 ; 望远镜跟踪系统 ; 数字图像处理 ; 清晰度评价函数 ; 对焦窗口 ; 图像预处理 ; 搜索算法
其他题名: Digital Auto-focusing Technology for Telescope Tracking System
学位专业: 光学工程
中文摘要: 自动对焦技术是数字成像系统的关键技术之一,无论是在日常生活、科学研究和军事应用等需要数字成像系统的地方都有重要作用。随着科学技术的飞速发展,数字成像系统中的精确自动对焦问题越来越受到人们的重视,其应用也越来越重要,传统的自动对焦技术已经不能满足精确系统的要求。由于数字图像处理技术的发展和成熟,基于数字图像处理的自动对焦技术得到了快速的发展,并在照相机、显微镜等领域内取得了良好的实际应用效果。 论文研究的自动对焦技术是基于望远镜跟踪系统的,跟踪系统是光电捕获跟踪瞄准(ATP)设备的核心,跟踪精度与响应速度是系统的关键,由于目标物体运动速度很快,几何特征也在快速变化当中,因此需要ATP系统有迅速响应,快速捕捉和稳定跟踪的能力,还要有快速调焦的能力,能够实现任意时刻对目标物体的正确聚焦。由于传统的测距调焦受外界环境,比如温度等的影响较大,在自动对焦过程中会产生较大的误差,因此我们需要研究基于图像处理的自动对焦技术在望远镜跟踪系统中的应用,提高系统的对焦精度。 本文首先总结了前人所作的研究工作,介绍了自动对焦技术的原理,国内外自动对焦技术的发展情况以及自动对焦的方法,然后针对自动对焦的四个关键问题进行了分析,包括清晰度评价函数选择,对焦窗口选择,图像预处理以及电机搜索算法。 再后对评价函数和搜索算法进行进一步的分析,通过采集实际的实验图像数据,比较不同清晰度评价函数的效果和性能,目的在于寻找一种合适的清晰度评价函数与电机搜索算法相配合以成功得实现自动对焦。 最后,总结本论文的研究工作,并对后续工作的研究进行了展望。
英文摘要: Auto-Focusing is one of the most important technologies in digital imaging system, so it is crucial to many applications where imaging system is required, such as daily life, scientific research, and military application. With the rapid development of science and technology, the accurate auto-focusing problem has increasingly drawn attention from people,and its application has been more and more important, so traditional auto-focusing technology already cannot satisfy the demand of precise system. Then, with the development of digital imaging processing technology, the auto-focusing technology based on digital imaging processing has developed rapidly, and has been applied to some practical fields such as camera system and microscope system. The auto-focusing technology researched in this paper is based on telescope tracking system. The tracking system is the key point of the ATP system, high tracking precision and response rate are needed. Because the velocity of the object is very high and the geometrical characteristics of the object alter continually, the ATP system must have some abilities such as quick response, fast capture, stable tracking and fast focusing. Because traditional auto-focusing technology based on laser ranging undergo is influenced seriously by outside environment, especially the variety of temperature, there will be some error in auto-focusing process. Firstly, in this paper, much work of predecessors has been summarized, and the development of the auto-focusing technology at home and abroad has been introduced as well as the basic theory and methods of auto-focusing. Then, four key problems in auto-focusing have been analyzed, which included selecting image clarity evaluation function, focusing windows, image preprocessing and searching algorithm for motor. Furthermore, the whole system for experiment has been presented briefly in this paper. Then, the image definition criterion and searching algorithm has been analyzed much further. We compare the effect and performance of different image clarity criterian by gathering a great number of practical experiment image data in order to select a kind of appropriate criterian along with the right searching algorithm, which can be used to realize auto-focusing technology successfully. In the last chapter, the conclusion of this dissertation has been summarized, and prospects and study emphasis of further work has been forecast.
语种: 中文
内容类型: 学位论文
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何永丰. 望远镜跟踪系统的数字自动对焦技术研究[D]. 光电技术研究所. 中国科学院光电技术研究所. 2009.
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